About THE WEB BIZ by Francesco Nuzzolo

THEWEBBIZ was created by Francesco Nuzzolo to bring a unique and easy-to-use solution to all affiliates and partners in the adult web business in the world.

About Francesco Nuzzolo

Francesco Nuzzolo

Francesco Nuzzolo is Owner to

Francesco Nuzzolo is Affiliate Manager to

20 years experience in technical consulting, sales and marketing for affiliate management, affiliate relations, affiliation programm, project management, web marketing, traffic management, traffic analysis.

20 years experience in coordination and management of commercial projects both in the environment of the Internet for affiliate programm B2B, B2B2C and B2C : dating, adult business, mobile adult business, photography business.

20 years experience in online advertising, web analytics, online marketing, conversion optimization digital strategy web, marketing web.

12 years experience in the dating industry, in the affiliate management, and advertising campaign in the dating.

15 years experience in project manager, web consulting, creation of graphic design, for affiliation programm multi-user, multilingual; B2B, B2B2C.

15 years experience in management of mailing and editorial mailing, CRM and e-CRM. B2B, B2B2C and B2C.

15 years experience in technical consulting, sales and marketing payment systems by phone, SMS, credit card, for B2B, B2B2C and B2C. Mobile payments, e-billing, Wallet Payment, Gateway Payement, audiotel, W-HA, Internet+.

10 years experience in the relationship with the telephone operators, Italy, France, Spain for online payment solutions for both fixed and mobile internet.

Francesco Nuzzolo start to work in the internet business since 1998.

Francesco Nuzzolo owns more than 100 domain names in various activities, dating, adult, online store, directories, travel, and more others.